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Mammoth Toys!

Dear Coco,

My name is PomPom and I’m a Pomeranian from Choctaw, OK… I’m just going to come right out and say it – my brother is a monster. We recently adopted him from a rescue and he has chewed up and shredded all of MY toys! Can you believe him!? My mom says I have to be sweet to him and help him adjust… are there any toys I can get that he won’t destroy and ruin all of our fun?

PomPom,funny coco

GIRL! I know that struggle. I have a rowdy brother who rips out my bows*, and many rambunctious cousins who live to destroy toys. One thing my wild family hasn’t ruined is the Mammoth Snake Biter
– which is one tough dog toy- not even HERCULES could destroy this thing! It’s a tightly wound rope toy that provides countless hours of fun without shredding and becoming a useless mess. And we come away with brighter smiles every time we play, because the denim fibers in the Snake Biter help to clean and floss our teeth! And you know what makes this even more awesome? We sell these at Pet-Vet!! Come in and tell me you read this blog and I will give you a 10% discount on a Mammoth Snake Biter! See you soon!


Mammoth Snakebiter*Full disclosure, I usually start it. And finish it! #girlpowerMammoth Snakebiter Toy