Pet-Vet Has been serving the needs of Midwest city for over 26years, Pet-Vet Supply is like no other pet store in Oklahoma.


Thanksgiving Pet Safety!

This is not a drill… It’s turkey time, people! Thanksgiving is upon us and it’s time for huge, delicious, nap-inducing meals and the desserts we dream of all year. But what about our pets? While turkey for humans is not recommended for pets (especially the bones!), Pet-Vet […]

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National Pet Diabetes Month!

National Pet Diabetes Month       The smell of fall baking is in the air! The humans are enjoying pumpkin pie and snickerdoodles, and I’m ready for my evening Pumpkin, Ginger and Treats from Coco Therapy. While most people know that sweets aren’t meant for dogs, […]

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The Pet-Vet Giving Tree!

Pumpkin treats, cozy blankets, sweaters… there is so much to love about this time of year! But best of all is the spirit of giving and gratitude that seems to blossom in the fall. With that in mind, Pet-Vet Supply proudly presents our November Giving Tree!  How […]

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Mammoth Toys!

Dear Coco, My name is PomPom and I’m a Pomeranian from Choctaw, OK… I’m just going to come right out and say it – my brother is a monster. We recently adopted him from a rescue and he has chewed up and shredded all of MY toys! […]

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CBD Oil Blog

Dear Coco, My name is Rosie and I am a Chihuahua from Edmond, OK! I have been reading my human’s health magazines and have seen a lot of information about the benefits of CBD oil. But I’m worried! Isn’t CBD pot? That’s illegal! I don’t want to […]

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Military Appreciation Blog

Pet-Vet Supply, Animal Clinic and Grooming Salon will be closed on Monday September 5th in observance of Labor Day but we will be back bright and early on Tuesday to be your one stop shop! At Pet-Vet, we have numerous treats, toys, food all made here in […]

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National Dog Day Sale!

Dear Coco-   Dear To celebrate National Dog Day on August 26th and 27th, we are celebrating with our annual Dog Days of Summer Sale. It is a weekend to celebrate all the great dogs in history like: Lassie, Toto, Boo and Doug the Pug! Where would […]

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Voyager Travel Bags

Coco, Have you been watching the Olympics? What events are you looking forward to? Do you think Team USA will bring home the gold? Max the Golden Retriever Max, Hello from Rio! I am loving the Olympics and being front and center for all the action! The […]

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See You at the Treat Bar

Dear Coco, How’s your summer going? Are you spending time with friends and family? Do you have any advice on how to have a great summer? The Other Kids (Humans) Dear Other Kids, My summer is going fabulously, of course! I’m wearing cute clothes, staying hydrated and […]

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Zignature and Fussie Cat

Dear Coco, Where have you been? We miss you! We miss your sassy tail and your floppy ears, but most of all, we miss your advice! Come back! Your Loyal Fans I’m back! As a dog of a certain age, sometimes I have to take inventory of […]

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