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It’s Friday!!!

This has been an awesome week for National Veterinary Technicians everywhere!  We had such a great time getting to know our own techs just a little better and for a Friday special, I sat down with the doctors of Pet-Vet Animal Clinic to get what they had […]

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National Vet Tech Week: Part 4

As we wrap up National Vet Tech Week, we would love to hear your shout-outs and comments about our great techs!  For more information, here is a podcast posted by AVMA about Vet Techs and their importance to the industry.  If becoming a vet tech is something […]

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National Vet Tech Week: Part 3

You know, Vet Techs are the first people you see when you come to a vet’s office and usually the last!  It’s no wonder they are so important to our veterinarians and our customers who interact with them.  We are recognizing our vet techs this week and […]

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National Vet Tech Week: Part 2

One tech down, three to go but as we continue on our Vet Tech special for the week, we continue to say thanks to our amazing techs.  Hopefully you read all about Jamie yesterday but if not be sure to check it out on our Facebook page or […]

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National Vet Tech Week: Part 1

October 11-17 is National Veterinary Technician Week so in honor of that I am sitting down with each of awesome vet techs and getting to know a little more about each of them.  Pet-Vet Animal Clinic would not be running as smoothly as it does without these […]

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Heartworm Awareness Month!

April is is Heartworm Awareness Month!  Many of you have heard about heartworms but did you know that all it can take is one bite from an infected mosquito to give your dog heartworms?  Here in Oklahoma, where we have such a wonderful mosquito problem (especially in […]

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Employee of the Month: Conner!

Well I know we are busy getting ready around here for our Big Spring Vaccination Clinic that will be two days this year next Friday and Saturday but I wanted to take out some time and welcome our next Employee of the Month to the Hall of […]

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Employee of the Month: Emily

My apologies to this employee of the month for not putting this post up when she first won!  You must remember, no thumbs so it can get hard to type up all this information in my head!  Congratulations (belated) to our Employee of the Month: Emily!! We […]

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Employee of the Month: Stephanie

Hello friends!  For everybody who came out to see us at the Home & Garden Show last weekend- THANK YOU!!!  It is always fun to see friendly faces!  Unfortunately, I was not allowed to go, some rule no pets allowed, as if I am an ordinary pet […]

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Overweight Pets

So, Pet- Vet started a new program last year called Product of the Month and this year I am going to do a better job of getting the word and info out about the great products we feature!  For the month of January, we are featuring overweight […]

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