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Employee of the Month: Conner!

Well I know we are busy getting ready around here for our Big Spring Vaccination Clinic that will be two days this year next Friday and Saturday but I wanted to take out some time and welcome our next Employee of the Month to the Hall of […]

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Employee of the Month: Emily

My apologies to this employee of the month for not putting this post up when she first won!  You must remember, no thumbs so it can get hard to type up all this information in my head!  Congratulations (belated) to our Employee of the Month: Emily!! We […]

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Employee of the Month: Stephanie

Hello friends!  For everybody who came out to see us at the Home & Garden Show last weekend- THANK YOU!!!  It is always fun to see friendly faces!  Unfortunately, I was not allowed to go, some rule no pets allowed, as if I am an ordinary pet […]

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Overweight Pets

So, Pet- Vet started a new program last year called Product of the Month and this year I am going to do a better job of getting the word and info out about the great products we feature!  For the month of January, we are featuring overweight […]

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New Year New Plans

HELLO EVERYBODY! Who had a good 2013? Who is ready for an even better 2014!? As always, we are so grateful for our wonderful and loyal customers! Nothing we do would be possible without you and we are so grateful to each and everyone of you. This […]

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Employee of the Month: Tara!

With the first day of fall getting closer and closer, I know there is a lot of talk about all the fall colors, weather and flavors- like pumpkin coming back!  No, us furry babies don’t drink pumpkin coffee or eat pumpkin pie, pumpkin M&M’s, pumpkin Hershey’s kisses […]

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Employee of the Month: Kylan!

Oh my, it is nice and toasty outside!  If it gets any hotter in Oklahoma, I’m packing and moving up north! Who is with me?!  Do you know how exhausting it is looking pretty and trying to stay cool?  Even my brother, Embry, is exhausted at the […]

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Employee of the Month: Devon

So I’m catching up my blogging and have another interview for you!  I have been busy trying to build a fort to keep my brother, Embry, out of while I eat.  He is so food oriented that he likes to scarf down his food and then comes […]

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Employee of the Month: Melissa

Let me shake off all this rain on my coat and get back to it!  Thanks to everyone who came out to our 30th Anniversary Sale last month and had fun celebrating 30 years of being the premier spot for all your pet’s needs!  Summer is not […]

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Pet Vet 30th Anniversary Sale

Hey everybody!  I know, I know everyone is asking “where have you been?”  Well, I have been one busy pup, but I am back now and ready to get back to my blogging.  My aunt got married, my best friend Jempi passed away, I toyed with the […]

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