Pet-Vet Has been serving the needs of Midwest city for over 26years, Pet-Vet Supply is like no other pet store in Oklahoma.


Meet Dr. Fruitt!

How was everyone’s Christmas?  I got all kinds of treats and cute outfits and an automatic water bowl for my grandma’s house (which you can definitely pick up from Pet-Vet Supply anytime!)  But now we are continuing with our getting to know our Pet-Vet Supply employees.  This […]

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Meet Carrie!

Hey everybody!  Who is ready for Christmas?  I know I am!  I am anxiously awaiting all the presents my loyal fans will bring me! Well, the next couple weeks I am going to introduce you to people of Pet-Vet Supply!  Today we will be learning about our […]

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Who has the best vets in town? WE DO!

Hey everyone!  I want to tell you a little story about my friend Gertrude and about the hard work and dedication Pet-Vet Animal Clinic gave to my friend! She is a 6 1/2 year old dachshund who I met while she was recovering from a dog attack.  […]

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Keeping those Furry Babies Healthy!

Hi!  Christmas is coming up and will be here before you know it!  I wonder what everyone will get me . . . . I do so love chewy treats, but I also love squishy toys that I can squeak and squeak and squeak until my mommy […]

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Pet Wellness Special

Hey everybody!  How was your Thanksgiving?  I may have bartered a couple pieces of turkey from my grandma who spoils me so!! (My mom would kill me if she knew, so don’t tell!!)  All I have to do is look at grandma and lick my lips and […]

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Let me tell you about my best friend . . .

Good morning Oklahoma!  I want to tell you a little bit about my best friend, Jempi!  He is a one year old cat. Yes, I am a dog and I know how many cartoons and movies there are about cats and dogs not getting along, but we […]

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Who wants that movie star smile?

Hey everybody!  I wanted to tell you a little about how being Pet-Vet’s mascot comes at no small price.  Not only do I get bathed and trimmed every two weeks, my nails get painted, I try all the new food we get in just so it gets […]

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Long Time No Blog

Hey Everybody!  Sorry it has been such a long time since my last update.  Things have been crazy in the life of Coco!  See, first there was this Bulldog named Hank, who all he did was drool over me.  Then there was a Great Dane named Titan […]

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Senior Health Care Month

This month is senior health care month, so I am going to introduce you to a couple of my senior citizen friends. This is Sally and she is a 10 year old boxer-mix.  She actually belonged to someone who was moving away and needed to find a […]

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September Specials!!!

Pet-Vet Supply is running a special this September and us little dogs are finally getting the pampering we deserve!  Like I said before, I have a bully for a brother and you better believe I teased him when it came to this deal since he is over […]

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