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I’m ready for a walk!

Did you feel it?  The hint of fall is in the air with this nice weather recently!  I like this so much more than the 110 degree days.  I couldn’t pant fast enough to cool myself down during those awful days.  But now, with this cooler weather […]

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Who has time for mosquitoes?!

I do not like mosquitoes!  They are ugly little annoying bugs that serve no purpose!  Watching the news with my mom (who has a birthday today: Happy Birthday Mom!!) I discovered that we are one of three states that have reported the most cases of the West […]

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It’s time for a swim!

Hey friends!  Some of my friends are coming to tell me all about their adventures at the lake and how much fun they have out in the sun and in the water.  Personally, I am not too much of an outdoor pooch because I enjoy the luxury of air-conditioning.Let’s be honest, I’m […]

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Know Your Source

Hey everybody!  So I went to a meeting tonight about a new food called NutriSource!  And guess whose favorite pet store carries this wonderful new food!? You got it, Pet-Vet Supply!!!   Let me tell you a few things I learned about it at the meeting.  This […]

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Proud To Be An American Pup!

Hey everyone! Happy Fourth of July to one and all! Who has big plans for this holiday!?  I know I plan to lounge by the pool in my bikini soaking up the sun!  I need to be sure when we had company and were shooting off fireworks, that I […]

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My family

Howdy Doody blog readers of the world!  I feel like I need to tell you all a little more about my family and friends.  Really, I just want to vent about how annoying big brothers can be.  I have a big brother and sister and even though […]

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Dog Dayz of Summer Sale

Hey friends!  Today, Pet-Vet Supply is having the Dog Dayz of Summer Sale and you don’t want to miss it!  Not only are we selling $50 gift cards for ONLY $25, we also have all flea and tick products buy 2 get 1 FREE! During this wonderfully […]

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