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Dental Awareness Month

Super CocoHey everybody!  I just can’t believe it is already February in this brand new year!  Boy, time just flies by when you are having fun!  And that is what I am doing for sure.  Just yesterday, I went on two, not one but two, walks with my grandma!  The weather has been so nice for all kinds of adventures outside.  Anyway, what I am here to talk about today is Dental Awareness Month; it is upon us!

Most of us, especially us little guys don’t really see the importance of our moms and dads brushing our teeth.  Really, is there enough room in my little mouth for my teeth, my treat and their fingers, no!  But then, I read up on how many problems plaque, tartar and gingivitis can really cause and it made me beg my mom to get brushing!  Bad breath is usually the first sign that something needs to be done.  There are many options: dental treats that we can chew to help break up plaque and tartar, toothbrushes and toothpaste (in chicken flavors too!) and, if the damage is bad enough, a dental prophy.

This procedure is when we are put under general anesthesia and an ultrasonic cleaner is applied to break up the nasty stuff on our teeth to reveal those pearly whites underneath.  It is an outpatient procedure and most of us can go home that night!  Sometimes, if the problem has gone on too long, a couple teeth may be removed.  Our vets and technicians are all highly trained and are there to help us achieve that photo worthy smile!

Call today to make an appointment to talk to Dr. Kim or Dr. Fruitt about how to get your healthy smile today at 733-4649.  Here is a video showing how to brush your dog’s teeth, check it out!

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  1. My parents’ pug, Maggie, can attest to the need to keep your pup’s mouth clean from the very start! She rarely chews on plaque-fighting bones, and recently had to get a few teeth pulled during her dental prophy. She’s just fine and her bad breath is now squeaky clean, but I know she wishes she had started good dental hygiene at an earlier age!