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Employee of the Month: Conner!

Well I know we are busy getting ready around here for our Big Spring Vaccination Clinic that will be two days this year next Friday and Saturday but I wanted to take out some time and welcome our next Employee of the Month to the Hall of Fame: Conner!  Be sure to stop by next Friday and Saturday to partake in Buy 2 Get 1 FREE on all flea and tick products AND get your animals caught up on vaccinations for only $25!  Here is what Conner and I got to chat about while he was combing out my tail after a particularly wild weekend!

Coco: How long have you worked here?
Conner: 9 months


Coco: How many animals do you have at home? What are their names? What is your favorite thing about having pets?
Conner: I have 2 animals.  A dog named Tia and an outdoor cat named Shadow.  I love having pets because no matter what they are, they are always super excited to see you!  Especially Tia, she runs and jumps around me in circles.  i love it!

Coco: I know how that is!  Whenever my grandma comes to pick me up I have the same response!  She always spoils me so how can I not be excited when she comes by to steal me away for the weekends! What is the question you get asked most at Pet- Vet Animal Clinic and how do you respond?
Conner: I always get asked why we must test for heartworm every year even if the dog have been on heartworm prevention every month! My answer is because heartworms are transmitted to dogs through mosquitos, since mosquitos aren’t going away neither is the chance of getting heartworms.  We want to make sure the pet hasn’t gotten heartworms and the the heart worm prevention is working!

Coco: Heartworms are definitely a favorite topic around here and it is very important to keep your animals on heartworm preventative year round!  Speaking of favorites, what is your favorite part about working here at Pet-Vet?
Conner: Getting to see all the dogs and cats of course!  Each day is different and there is always the potential to learn and improve.  i also love all my coworkers!  we are all very close- like one big family!

Coco: One big HAPPY family you mean!  Yes we do like to have fun up here!  Just like we did in your picture right?! So last question, when you first met me, what did you think?
Conner: I was shocked at how cute you are! Also at how well behaved you are!  Must be boring sometimes sitting in your bed all day! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Coco: Well no actually it is very relaxing and I have a good view of the store!  you know I do run security in this place too!  I’m thinking about getting a hat . . .

Anyway, come by and see us next Friday and Saturday for the Spring Vaccination Clinic Sale Days! We will be here and so should you!