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Employee of the Month: Emily

My apologies to this employee of the month for not putting this post up when she first won!  You must remember, no thumbs so it can get hard to type up all this information in my head!  Congratulations (belated) to our Employee of the Month: Emily!! We got to chit-chat in Coco’s Corner Boutique the other day and this is what she had to tell me:

Coco:How long have you worked at Pet-Vet? OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Emily: 3 years and 1 month

Coco: I know I hear you talk about your animal gang at home so how many animals do you have? What are their names? What is your favorite thing about having pets?
Emily: I have 3 cats, 1 dog, 1 bearded dragons and 1 turtle! The cats names at Pippin, Eban and Tavi. Raven is my German Shepherd. Spin and Dash are my beardies and Oscar is our turtle. I have always loved animals and being surrounded by them just makes me happy!

Coco: Working at Pet-Vet, what is the question your get asked most and what is your response?
Emily: What is the best dog food for my pet? I always refer customers to Taste of the Wild! It’s a great food plus any age dog can eat it because it is a all life stages diet!

Coco: Hey that’s what I eat! The Bison and Venison food makes me feel like the true carnivore that I once was, grrrr! What do you love most about Pet-Vet?
Emily: Our staff and customers are the best!  We are like a big family!

Coco: And the million dollar question, what did you first think when you met me?
Emily: You were the cutest, most spoiled pup I had ever met! I mean, you even have your own room with a throne!

Yes I do!  I do some of my best thinking and planning in that room!  And it gives all my fans a good view of me!  Who doesn’t like a throne!  For those who haven’t been in, my room is called Coco’s Corner Boutique and in it we have breed specific pens, key-chains, statues, note pads, bedazzled collars with sparkly letters and all kinds of other cool things! Come by and visit the boutique and find some interesting products!