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Employee of the Month: Kylan!

Oh my, it is nice and toasty outside!  If it gets any hotter in Oklahoma, I’m packing and moving up north! Who is with me?!  Do you know how exhausting it is looking pretty and trying to stay cool?  Even my brother, Embry, is exhausted at the end of the day and it takes a lot to wear him out.  My sister, Maya, has a thicker coat, being a German Shepherd, so my mom has been sure to use the furminator on her to get all that extra hair off of her to keep her as cool as possible.  At Pet-Vet, we sell all the sizes of this wonderful tool and there is even one made for cats!  You would be amazed at how much hair comes off my brother and sister.  A pile of hair as big as I am!  Someone who is very familiar with this tool is our newest Employee of the Month Winner, Kylan!  She works in the grooming salon and is sometimes the lucky one to come and retrieve me for my bi-monthly spa day at Pet-Vet Grooming Salon!  While I was being pampered I had some time to ask her a few questions and here is what she had to say:

Kylan & Coco

Kylan & Coco

Coco: How long have you worked at Pet-Vet?
Kylan: 2 1/2 years

Coco: How many animals do you have at home?  Tell me a bit about them!
Kylan: I have three. Taya. a chihuahua who I have had since 3rd grade and she is such a Princess.  I like that she doesn’t think she is a dog! Then there is Mojo, a Pit Mix. He has human eyes and if you talk to him he will talk back with a mumble/growl/bark! And last, Porter, an Akita, he is only 7 months old, so he always keeps me going and he knows how to play tag!

Coco: Wow that sounds like quite a gang you have! What would you say is the question you get asked most at Pet-Vet and what is your response?
Kylan: The question I get asked most is “do you like you job?” and I always say “YES!” I love my job at Pet-Vet because I work with people who are great to be around and not to mention how great the animals are who we get to see everyday.

Coco: We do have a great group of employees at Pet-Vet and we all love to be around you who always seems to be smiling!  What would you say is the one thing you love most about Pet-Vet?
Kylan: I love that I can be excited about going in to work.  Plus, when I go to work I get to see all the different animals that we have at Pet-Vet. It’s basically like working at a zoo!

Coco: That can be true sometimes! I like to think of myself sometimes as a lion sitting on my ledge (my pedestal) and surveying all my land that the light touches . . . Anyway, what did you think the first time you met me?
Kylan: I remember I came in with my mom in junior high and we walked into Coco’s Corner Boutique and we thought that you were a stuffed animal until you moved and it actually made my mom scream!

I do have that effect on some people but usually it is because I am so darn cute!  Well Kylan, we are so happy to have you on board with the Pet-Vet Family.  Everyone can see Kylan in the grooming salon, working with all the dogs making sure they leave looking perfect!  Call today to book an appointment with us at 733-2238 to get all the extra fur off your furry babies and give them that back-to-school wash and cut!