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Employee of the Month: Stephanie

Hello friends!  For everybody who came out to see us at the Home & Garden Show last weekend- THANK YOU!!!  It is always fun to see friendly faces!  Unfortunately, I was not allowed to go, some rule no pets allowed, as if I am an ordinary pet . . . who knows what they are talking about . . .  but hey, I was there in spirit!  I am excited about the pretty weather that is in the forecast for this weekend though, how about you? Pretty weather means less time in the house with brother which is ALWAYS a good thing! The other day he was drinking and drinking for a good long while then he came up to my face and burped in it!  I got pretty angry with him but he thought it was funny, crazy BOYS!

At our last staff meeting we celebrated our first Employee of the Year: Jessie Barnes!  Congratulations to her and we thank her for all of her hard work and optimism in all she does! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShe has been a vital part of Pet-Vet Grooming since 2011 and we are so happy she is part of the family!

Along with her, our newest Employee of the Month was also crowned: Stephanie!  I had a chance to go on a walk with her in this pretty but chilly weather and chat with her and here is what she told me:

Coco:How long have you worked at Pet-Vet?
Stephanie: 3 1/2 months

Coco:How many animals do you have at home? What is his name and what is your favorite thing about having a pet?
Stephanie: I have one big beautiful Great Dane/Lab Mix that I rescued! His name is Dookie Bowzer and he is the best.  All the love and entertainment he gives is my favorite part of having a pet. And he is always excited to see me!

Coco:It seems like customers will come in waves and all have the same question for like a week and then move on to another question! What is the question you have been asked most at Pet Vet recently and what is your response?
Stephanie: One question I get asked very frequently is about fleas and how to get rid of them!  I always suggest Vectra or Vectra 3D (a topical preventative) along with Knockout Area Spray to treat inside the home and Turf ranger to treat the yard as well.

Coco: Yes unfortunately fleas and ticks just never seem to go away here in Oklahoma! On another note, what is one thing you love most about working at Pet Vet?
Stephanie: One of the things I love the most about Pet-Vet is all the amazing people I work with! All the awesome pets I get to see daily and the pet parents are all super friendly as well! It’s just a happy environment I get to be in all the time! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Coco: What did you first think when you met me?
Stephanie: You’re the cutest Shih Tzu I ever did see!

My mom tells me I’m part Shih Tzu part monster all the time! I do take pride in how I look, of course, and Carrie does a great job about keeping my bouffant in tip-top shape!  Well that’s all for now but be sure to come visit us this weekend!