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Employee of the Month: Tara!

With the first day of fall getting closer and closer, I know there is a lot of talk about all the fall colors, weather and flavors- like pumpkin coming back!  No, us furry babies don’t drink pumpkin coffee or eat pumpkin pie, pumpkin M&M’s, pumpkin Hershey’s kisses or any of that (yes my mom loves everything pumpkin, can you tell?!)!  We do, however have Fruitables Canned Pumpkin and Weruva Beef & Pumpkin canned food that are oh so tasty. Check out the links for more information on those products!  Pumpkin is one of the best ingredients that is high in fiber and helps aid in digestion. Someone who shares in a love for all things pumpkin is our newest Employee of the Month: Tara!!  I sat down to ask her a few questions and here is what she had to tell me:

Tara & Coco

Tara & Coco

Coco: How long have you worked at Pet-Vet?
Tara: I’ll be here 2 years at the end of September!

Coco: How many animals do you have at home? What are their names? What is your favorite thing about having pets?
Tara: I have 3 animals.  Two dogs, Rottweiler mixes names Chase and Angel and I have 1 kitten named Mew.  I love having them to cuddle with and to spoil with toys and treats that I buy from Pet-Vet Supply of course!

Coco: We do have all the coolest toys and the tastiest treats, of course!  What would you say is the question you get asked the most at Pet-Vet Animal Clinic and what is your response?
Tara: I am asked the most about heart-worm testing and why it is important.  Pets need to be tested yearly and be on prevention year round because of our mosquito friendly climate here in Oklahoma.  You never know when they’re gone or when they’re abundant, so it is just smart to keep them protected all the time.

Coco: I hear Dr. Kim even has a heart with heart-worms in a jar!  I bet it would just take one look at that to convince some owners that heart-worm prevention is the way to go.  Personally, I use the Trifexis which is heart-worm, flea and intestinal worm coverage all in one little pill!  Yes, sometimes I like to put up a little fuss when my mom tries to sneak it in some food, but I know in the long run it is keeping me protected!  What is the one thing you love most about Pet-Vet?
Tara: I love having the greatest co-workers to work with.  You can’t find greater people or leadership than at Pet-Vet!

Coco: I have said it time and time again but I will say it again: we have the greatest Pet-Vet family!  The grooming salon, the animal clinic and the store all work together so well and it is what helps us serve our customers as well as we have for over 30 years now!  No, I haven’t been here for 30 years, but I was here before you, what did you first think when you met me?
Tara: I thought you didn’t like me, but I’m sure you just didn’t want your “do” messed up!  I still think you are the cutest thing ever!

Coco:  It takes a whole day in the beauty salon to get my “do” just the way it looks!  And those bows, well that is an art in itself!  Carrie does her best on me every time I go into Pet-Vet Grooming Salon and I thank her for that! Thanks for chatting with me Tara!  Pet-Vet is lucky to have you and we appreciate all you do for us!

Well that’s all for me!  I’m going to go enjoy some of this lovely fall weather that is coming our way!  Now is the time to get out and walk those furry babies of yours and let them enjoy this pretty weather!