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Meet Carrie!

Hey everybody!  Who is ready for Christmas?  I know I am!  I am anxiously awaiting all the presents my loyal fans will bring me! Well, the next couple weeks I am going to introduce you to people of Pet-Vet Supply!  Today we will be learning about our grooming manager, Carrie!  I sat down with Carrie, she fed me treats and I had a chance to ask her couple questions. Here are her answers: Carrie & Coco

Q: How long have you been with Pet-Vet Supply?
A: Since November of 2009, when the grooming salon opened.

Q: How many animals do you have at home?
A: 2 South African Boerboels and 2 Persian cats.

Q: How long have you been a groomer?
A: 24 years in January 2013

Q: What is your favorite part of your job? What is the one thing you wish people would know about grooming?
A: I love my co-workers, we all work as a team.  My absolute favorite is starting a puppy and seeing them grow up.  I would let everyone know what professional groomers can do for their pet that you can’t always do at home.

Q: What did you first think when you met me?
A: You were a hot mess . . . I was so glad your mom gave me the go ahead to give you a haircut.  You needed your own style!  I think you turned out quite adorable!

Well thank you Carrie, I think I am pretty adorable as well!  For anyone who wants to meet Carrie, she is at Pet-Vet Grooming salon Monday thru Friday grooming all the cute cuddly animals that are brought to her everyday!  Have a good week!  Only 8 days till Christmas!