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Meet Dr. Kim!

Welcome to 2013 everyone!  What is everyone’s New Year’s Resolution?  I have vowed to try and be nicer to my brother Embry.  Yes he is big and oafy and everything about him screams bully but I am going to try and be nicer to him!  Wish me luck!  Anyway, we are going to  continue with our Q&A with our employees!  This week I watched a movie with Dr. Kim ( Homeward Bound- one of my favorites but I have seen it so many times I know it by heart!) and got to ask her a couple questions. Dr. Kim & Coco

Q: How long have you been with Pet-Vet Supply?
A: Since 2004

Q: How many animals do you have at home?
A: 2 dogs: Gurley, a 6 year old Boston Terrier and Angel, a 9 year old Pit Bull and we also raise pigs at a farm in Pauls Valley.  Oh and we can’t forget the 1 mud turtle we have too!

Q: Where did you go to Vet School?
A: Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Medicine

Q: What is your favorite part of your job? Give us one tip that all pet owners should take to heart.
A: That every day is different.  Make sure to get your pets vet care starting with vaccinations as a puppy so they can be with you for a long long time.

Q: What did you first think when you met me?
A: You are just one spoiled rotten puppy!  You had a rough start when your first owner wasn’t able to take care of you but so lucky that you had two sisters who were so ready to open their hearts and home to you!

Well thank you Doc! Dr. Kim has been married to her husband Vance for 15 years and they have a 12-year old son named Gregory who goes to Carl Albert.  I do feel very blessed to have the home that I do!  There are many animals who are not as lucky as I am but be sure to take a look at your local shelters if you are looking for a new family pet!  Pet-Vet is very lucky to have Dr. Kim as part of our awesome vet team duo!

Doc & Pup