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Meet Fitzgerald!

Meet Fitzgerald, the newest member of our Pet-Vet Family! You will likely be seeing a lot of him on social media and in the store, but we wanted a special place to record his life and share the ups and downs of having a puppy… a journey a lot of our customers are experiencing themselves! Fitz w cookie

Fitz is a 10-week-old (tomorr Golden Doodle from Goldsby, Oklahoma. He is a rough and rowdy boy at times, but for the most part he is a soft, sleepy cuddle baby. If you’re in the same boat we are, here are the few first steps for you and your new pack member:



  1. Get to your vet. At Pet-Vet Animal Clinic, we offer a puppy package that can save you money throughout the course of your puppy shots and check-ups. An overall health check, and the opportunity to ask all your burning health questions about your new puppy, are a big help in the early days.
  2. Get to your groomer. Play with your puppy’s feet as much as you can to get them acclimated to being touched there. This will make nail trims and grooming much easier. Puppies grow fast, and so do their nails. At Pet-Vet Grooming Salon nail trims are $12 every day and don’t require an appointment!
  3. Get to your pet supplier and stock up. At Pet-Vet Supply we offer training pads, puppy food, teething rings (trust us, you’re gonna need these), and much more… along with a knowledgeable staff to answer your questions and gush over your new baby.

Having a puppy is great but there are many things to keep in mind when caring for a new little one! Contact us with any questions or come by and meet Mr. Fitzgerald (after he has had all of his vaccinations)!  Call us at 733-4648!

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