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National Pet Diabetes Month!

National Pet Diabetes Month





The smell of fall baking is in the air! The humans are enjoying pumpkin pie and snickerdoodles, and I’m ready for my evening Pumpkin, Ginger and Treats from Coco Therapy. While most people know that sweets aren’t meant for dogs, many do not know that pets can develop diabetes without sweets!

Just like humans, animals can develop diabetes naturally or from their lifestyle.  And just like humans, diabetes can be treated to improve health and quality of life. A diagnosis of diabetes should come from a Veterinarian, who will usually perform blood work and a urinalysis on your pet. If you think your pet may have diabetes, contact Pet-Vet Animal Clinic for an appointment.

If your pet is diagnosed with diabetes, there are several things you can do to keep them happy and healthy:


  • Consult a Veterinarian for initial diagnosis and advice on medication. Pet-Vet Animal Clinic offers a Disease Prevention Screening Special for $125 (Regularly $207) that can provide a variety of information about your pet’s health, including signs of diabetes.  Included in this package is:  Heartworm test, Chem 17, Lyte 4 CBC and fecal giving your pet a thorough  internal exam. dIABETES 3




  • Keep calories and carbs low for an overweight dog. Pet-Vet Supply offers a variety of low fat and weight management food and treat options to help keeps your pet at a healthy weight to control or prevent diabetes. Also, if you are buying any of the weight management foods we will give you a FREE measuring cup. It is important to go by the back of the bag of the food you are feeding and not free-feeding to monitor the calorie intake.




  • Make sure your pet is exercising regularly. The oppressing summer heat has passed – fall weather is perfect for getting outside and exercising with your dog. (Fitness is always more fun with a friend, right?) Bundle up in cute matching sweaters and take a stroll in the park, or when you’re doing your fall baking and the kitchen is heating up, step outside to cool off and throw the ball with your dog. (Pictured: Earthborn Weight Control, Merrick Healthy Weight Recipe, My Little Lion Treats, Merrick Power Bites, Lean Treats, lean Treats Large Breed, Presciption Diet Metabolic Treats,Diabetes 2