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Advantix Specials

Looking for  special offer on Advantix? We offer a full-line of flea and tick products for both cats and dogs at guaranteed lowest prices on all Advantix  products. Don’t risk ordering your pet meds by mail.

Stop by Pet-Vet Supply today to pick up your Advantix or call us with any questions at (405)733-4648.

Why Choose Advantix?

Advantix has become one of the best selling and most popular treatments for fleas and ticks for  dogs. With an advanced waterproof formula, Advantix protects dogs from fleas and their eggs and larva in addition to ticks, flies, and lice. Also, Advantix acts as a repellant to mosquitos—greatly reducing the chance of your pet contracting a disease. Advantix has grown to become a staple in flea & tick prevention for your dog.

Why Buy Your Advantix from Pet-Vet Supply

Flea & Tick medication can be costly—that’s no secret. With Pet-Vet Supply’s guaranteed lowest prices and our Advantix special, you receive a maximum savings. By choosing Pet-Vet for your all of your pet meds, you are getting the assurance of our clinically trained and certified veterinarians—something unmatched by online retailers.

With our low prices and our Advantix and Advantage special, Oklahoma City pet owners don’t have to shop around for the best prices. Best of all, with our on-site animal clinic, you can get all of your needs taken care of in a one-stop-shop. Skip the wait for shipping and choose Pet-Vet Supply to get your pets the medicine they need right away.