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See You at the Treat Bar

Dear Coco,

How’s your summer going? Are you spending time with friends and family? Do you have any advice on how to have a great summer?

The Other Kids (Humans)

Dear Other Kids,coco treat bar 2

My summer is going fabulously, of course! I’m wearing cute clothes, staying hydrated and hitting up Yappy hour at Pet-Vet Supply’s Treat Bar every Monday thru Friday from 10am to noon!

The Treat Bar features all sorts of delicious snacks, all sold individually by weight so that my squad and I can try new things. It is THE place to be this summer.

My best friend and #1 Treat Bar wingman is my brother, Ollie. This may seem crazy to you small humans now (while you’re terrorizing each other), but one day you will look up and realize that somehow your sibling has become your best friend- weird, I know! But it happens!

If anyone deserves a treat, it’s Ollie. In June 2013 was left tied up outside Pet-Vet and abandoned. he must have been so scared when that car drove away . . . little did he know, he was actually winning the lottery- he got me for a sister! He is our Mom’s baby and the apple of our Dad’s eye! Plus he got adopted into a great family who showers him with treats and toys from Pet-Vet Supply, keeps him in style at Pet-Vet Grooming Salon and watched out for this health by taking him to see the wonderful vets and staff in Pet-Vet Animal Clinic.

Coco treat barMy advice for a great summer? Spend time with the people who make you feel like you’ve wont the lottery! And raise you glass (or peanut butter biscuit) to rescue Mom and Dads who find us in our darkest hour and shower us with sweet, endless sunshine (without the humidity)!

Don’t forget, we work with great rescues who are always looking for fosters and adopters for our furry friends… If you can open your heart and home to a new pet, please check out The Underdogs Rescue and Red Dirt Boxer Rescue!

Until next time . . . stay hydrated, be kind and I’ll catch you at the Treat Bar!