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Hey everyone!  I want to tell you a little story about my friend Gertrude and about the hard work and dedication Pet-Vet Animal Clinic gave to my friend! She is a 6 1/2 year old dachshund who I met while she was recovering from a dog attack.  While going outside to potty, the neighbor’s dog, who was about 50 pounds heavier than she was, broke through the fence and got a hold of her.  When her mom brought her in to Pet-Vet Animal Clinic, she was in shock and had multiple punctures over her body.  It took about 30 stitches and 5 staples to close her wounds and Gertrude spent about a month going back and forth to us at Pet-Vet, recovering and healing. Gertrude in e-collar  Today, she is as happy as can be and comes in to visit once in awhile with her brother, Norbit.  Her mom was so grateful to Pet-Vet and all they did for her baby saying “I can personally testify that you guys went absolutely above and beyond any expectations a person might have for their vet. I actually get a little teary when I think of where she was and how far she has come. There is no way that I could have trusted anyone else to care for her as well as you guys did!” With our two vets on staff and the rest of the staff at the Clinic, we are committed to helping keep you and your furry babies safe and cared for.  This is one story of many who have been helped by Dr. Kim and Dr. Fruitt.  If you haven’t already, come in and meet these two lovely ladies.  I am a big fan of theirs and they are fans of me as well!  They get to flip a coin whenever it comes time to give me my yearly vaccinations because I am such a joy to give shots to!  Ok, maybe sometimes I get a little scared …