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Zignature and Fussie Cat

Dear Coco,

Where have you been? We miss you! We miss your sassy tail and your floppy ears, but most of all, we miss your advice! Come back!

Your Loyal Fans


I’m back! As a dog of a certain age, sometimes I have to take inventory of how I’m doing as I get older. Still cute as a button? Obviously! Best style in town? No question!

Flawless skin? Eh… things were looking a little hairy.

But with this curse of aging comes the gift of wisdom, and my friends… have I got a tip for you.

It’s called Zignature and it’s a lifesaver for those of us with less than perfect skin. Zignature is a chicken, potato and grain-free food and has the added supplements I need to help me thrive in my senior years. Zignature is also great for my dog friends with severe allergies and consistent skin issues. It is one of the lowest foods on the glycemic index making it perfect for diabetic or overweight dogs. Being a low glycemic food can also help dogs with yeast infections and tear stains, because yeast feeds off sugars in the diet. So many benefits in one food!Zignature

Did I mention it comes in a wide variety of flavors? And when I say wide, I mean WIDE. Whitefish? Venison? Kangaroo? They use a variety of hot, cold and neutral proteins depending on your dog’s metabolism. These flavors are impressively exotic, but you don’t need a passport to try these culinary adventures… Just come by Pet-Vet and we’ll give you a free sample!

(Also, don’t forget… We’ve got a 100% Money Back Guarantee on food if your pet isn’t feeling it.)

fussie cat cansI should also mention, the fabulous people who make Zignature also have a cat food line called Fussie Cat. If you have a cat, you know… they¬† can be quite fussy.

Fussie Fussei catCat starts with “physiologically correct” food, meaning it’s main ingredient is protein, and finishes by using 78% water in their canned food to keep your cat hydrated during the brutal Oklahoma summer. Having increased moisture in the food also helps flush out any urinary crystals, preventing urinary infections in cats.

The people at Fussie Cat really care about cats, and used feedback from actual cats during development – it’s cat food decided on by cats, people! They also took the time to make a list of things you should never feed a cat… Very helpful!

Stop by Pet-Vet today to check out these great new food options, and who knows, you might even catch a peak of my fabulous skin… After all, it is bikini season!

Until next week, thanks for being loyal!