Dr. Denise Fruitt


Dr. Fruitt, with over 25 years experience practicing veterinary medicine, is a proud addition to the Pet-Vet family. As one of the top Oklahoma City vets, Dr. Fruitt has won multiple awards during her years practicing in the state of Oklahoma.

Knowing of her passion for animals when she was a little girl, Dr. Fruitt followed her dream and graduated from the veterinary school at the University of California Davis in 1993. Dr. Denise Fruitt is our resident “cat whisperer” but loves dogs and will see almost all animals, which does include pocket pets.

In 2010, Dr. Fruitt joined the Pet-Vet Supply family and has since become an invaluable asset to our veterinary team. Dr. Fruitt has three dogs, one cat and chickens in addition to responsibilities as a mother to her daughter. She is a runner and likes to lift weights but most of all she loves to be outdoors soaking up that good Vitamin D.


Dr. Fruitt has become a leader in Oklahoma City veterinary medicine, and it is no wonder why pet owners drive from all across metro to see her. Here are some reasons to choose Dr. Fruitt and the Pet-Vet Supply  animal clinic:

  • Top-notch care by Oklahoma City vet Dr. Denise Fruitt
  • Full-service animal clinic
  • Complete line of flea, tick, and heartworm medications
  • Low-Cost office calls
  • Spay, neuter, and other surgeries offered
  • Long-term care

Dr. Fruitt is available to answer any of your questions. Stop by or call (405) 733-4649 to schedule your office visit today.