It’s Friday

This has been an awesome week for National Veterinary Technicians everywhere!  We had such a great time getting to know our own techs just a little better and for a Friday special, I sat down with the doctors of Pet-Vet Animal Clinic to get what they had to say about our crew:

Coco: We have a great group of techs here but what would you say their most important task is?
Dr. Kim: NOT TO LET THE DOCTOR GET BIT! They throw themselves in the line of fire sometimes to save us doctors and we really appreciate it!
Dr. Fruitt: Being a liaison between the clients and the veterinarian. While we are doing the medicine they are communicating with the client about the treatments and plan we are following.
Coco: What you guys don’t like being a chew toy for all animals, I can’t see why not!  Being the go between is very important and communication is key!  What do you appreciate most about them?
Dr. Kim: That they make my job easier and keep things moving by being the “go-betweener” between myself and the client.  They keep the wheels of the practice moving and keep a traffic jam from happening.Dr. Fruitt: I would have a very hard time doing my job without them.  They are the workhorses of the veterinary practice.  The Veterinarians make a diagnosis and design a treatment plan but the techs “make itso!”
Coco: Ok Dr Fruitt, who knew you were a Star Trek fan!?  It does sound like a very important job that the techs have to both you and the clients.  I bet working together so much all the time you have many funny stories about each other.  Care to share any?
Dr. Kim: Although we have had many times when we are laughing so hard we cry, to tell a specific funny story I just can’t do!  There are just too many to recall the details about and are usually funny just in that moment.
Dr. Fruitt: One of our techs who works with animal blood ALL THE TIME, will faint at the sight of her OWN blood!
Coco: Well that narrows it down to one of three people that it can be, I will have fun investigating who does the fainting! Doesn’t she know that blood is just a big part of our lives as it is in animals, jeez! What do you wish people knew about techs and their job?
Dr. Kim: That it can be a very stressful, mentally draining job!  It is not playing with cute little animals all day long like most people think!  It takes a very special person to be a technician, one who has a kind heart, loves animals and is patient.
Dr. Fruitt: That it is an extremely demanding job!  They have to very customer service oriented and be and excellent communicator.  It is not just about being  a “Pet Nurse” although that is the part they love the most!
Coco: Who wouldn’t love to get to cuddle cute puppies and kittens all day long!
Dr. Kim: We are very lucky to have a group that work well together and get along.  They know when they can joke and when they need to be serious.  The entire group that works here including Pet-Vet Supply and Pet-Vet Grooming Salon all fit together well!

I couldn’t agree more with you Dr. Kim!  And Dr, Fruitt you are getting ready to celebrate your 5 year anniversary here at Pet-Vet!  Thank you for all you guys do and thank you once more to our techs!  Hope everyone has a great weekend!