National Vet Tech Week: Part 2

One tech down, three to go but as we continue on our Vet Tech special for the week, we continue to say thanks to our amazing techs. Hopefully you read all about Jamie yesterday but if not be sure to check it out on our Facebook page or on our website!

Veterinary Technicians are so important to the day to day flow of any veterinary office. National Vet Tech Week was first celebrated in 1993 and we thank the current techs and past techs we have had in the years Pet-Vet Animal Clinic has been open! To learn more about becoming a vet tech or vet assistant click here. And on with the interviews, the next tech I sat down with was Conner Keupen! As you can see I’m trying out different Halloween costumes while interviewing these guys so be sure to come in and check out which one works best for your furry friends!

Here is what he had to tell me:

Conner has worked here since June of 2013. He went to Norman North until his Junior year and then he went to Mount Saint Mary and graduated. He is currently taking classes at Rose State College studying business. He has two dogs, a Great Dane named Cleo and a chihuahua named Tia and one outdoor cat named Shadow. When he was little he wanted to be a marine biologist or a veterinarian. He wanted to be a vet tech because, well he simply loves animals! He wants to help people and their animals get better and stay healthy in any way possible! His favorite part about the job is getting to talk to people about their pets and knowing that he has helped a person and their pet. An interesting fact that I found out about him is he spent a year in Italy which he says was the most challenging/exciting/fun experience of his life. If he could visit one place in the world it would be Australia because it
has always fascinated him and he says it looks very unique and pretty in all the pictures he has seen. He is also very interested in seeing a kangaroo and who wouldn’t be!

Conner we appreciate all you do as a tech in Pet- Vet Animal Clinic! Well that is all I have for today. It is time for my nap and maybe a snack. Speaking of snacks, don’t forget all month of October, Pet-Vet Supply has all their orange packaged treats Buy 2 Get 1 FREE! Give us a call for more details (405) 733-4648!